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Dr. Hazem Torki



Dr. Torki was born in Kuwait in 1984 where he was also raised there. His father Dr. Torki held a post of Chairman pf Psychology department at Kuwait University. Dr. Torki then moved to Egypt to receive his bachelor degree from Ain Shams University School of Dentistry in Cairo in 2007. Although his parents wanted him to follow his brother’s path and become a Cardiologist. He always knew Dentistry is what he wanted to learn. After graduating Dr. Torki worked as an endodontist for one year, where he knew that was not the path he wants to take. He decided to focus on what he loves more, which was Oral Implantology. He took the first step of completing the ICOI fellowship in 2009. From that moment he didn’t stop learning and since 2009 his private practice was limited to Oral Implantology. He then took it a step further and decided to continue with postgraduate studies where he started his masters degree at Goethe University in Germany in 2011. By that time he had also completed the Fellowship of the German society in 2012, before completing his Masters degree in 2014. His master’s degree thesis was about the effect of implant-abutment connection on crestal bone loss. Until today this topic is of vital importance for every clinician practicing implant dentistry. Dr. Torki always wanted to follow his father’s footsteps in the education path, believed that knowledge is gained to be given.


Since 2010 Dr. Torki started to be involved in courses and surgical supervisions. In 2011 he started his University teaching career at Misr International university as a clinician. Where he was then appointed as a clinical instructor. During this time at MIU he was one of the key staff members that helped in establishing a strong foundation for implant education. In the year 2014 Dr. Torki was appointed as a visiting lecturer for Msc and Phd students at Cairo University. Where he restricted his University teaching career since 2016 at this prestigious entity.

During his teaching career, he founded and designed several Implant courses, from short term to 1 year long term programs. He performed several implant and periodontal workshops. Gave lectures and workshops in several conferences and symposiums, addressing topics that opened new insights for clinicians to apply to their daily practice.

In 2019, after 10 years of teaching, Dr. Torki’s programs became in collaboration with UCLA school of dentistry. Another achievement that would keep him eager to teach and educate more.