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Dental Implant and Host Biology
Dr. Hazem Torki

After Completing this course you will understand the following:

1- Principles of Bone Biology and Socket Healing
2- Osseointegration: what we knew, what we know now
3- How to Improve your Clinical Confidence

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The New Era- Immediate Guided Implant
Dr. Mohamad Bassam

Your complete guide for planning your case all the way till implant placement

Dental Photography Course (Persian Language Only)
Mr. Maziyar Khalighi

This course is for all dentists who have participated in dental fundamental course of photography.


Soft Tissue Design around Dental Implants
Dr. Iyad Ghoneim

3 hours course: 1 hour lecture and 2 hours live surgery
Soft tissues over implants are a key factor for success of implant therapy from esthetical, functional and maintenance aspects. The presence of high quality and quantity of keratinized t