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Pollyanna Attitude: Daily personal and professional micro wins
Mr. Samir Zehil

The Pollyanna Attitude: daily personal and professional micro wins. 

During this online course you will get a set of 21 rules to positively navigate these harsh times. 

Special edition for dentists with guest speaker:

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Secrets of Surgical Photography: The why and How.
Dr. Allan Queiroz

Secrets of Surgical Photography:

1- Why take pictures of your surgeries? 

2- How to use these pictures to evaluate your work

3- How to use these pictures to advertise yourself and your work

4- What equipment yo

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The Combo technique for gummy smile: Esthetic crown lengthening + Botox + Filler
Dr. Alain Romanos

Best combo technique to reduce or eliminate gummy smile surgically and esthetically. 

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All on X: Is it a better treatment option?
Dr. Iyad Ghoneim

The Special formula for all on X treatment. From planning to execution and avoiding complications. This course has it all.