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The Master Guide: All-in-One Virtual Summit
17 Speakers

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The Pink Code: Guidelines to securing implants
Dr. Mohamad Bassam

Guidelines to Securing your Implants: 

1- Needed pink dimensions around implants

2- Assessment of the soft tissue profile

3- Surgical tips in different scenarios 

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Pollyanna Attitude: Daily personal and professional micro wins
Mr. Samir Zehil

The Pollyanna Attitude: daily personal and professional micro wins. 

During this online course you will get a set of 21 rules to positively navigate these harsh times. 

Special edition for dentists with guest speaker:

4th International Symposium of Complications in Implant Dentistry
17 Speakers

17 Speakers will share with you every possible complication that you might have while placing and managing your implants, how to avoid these complications and hwo to deal with them when they arise.