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Full Arch Implant Live Surgery1

Course Description

When you complete this course you will have a better understanding about the following:

  1. How to perform a prosthetically driven guided full arch implant surgery
  2. Flap and incision design
  3. Rationale of placing straight vs tilted implants 
  4. Achieving primary stability by under preparing the site
  5. How to use your titanium cylinders to gaurantee paralilism of implants
  6. When to place implants at bone level, sub crestal or supra-crestal. 
  7. How to use your guide as an impression tray
  8. How to control bleeding, swelling and bruising during a full arch surgery
  9. How does bone reduction help you with full arch surgeries
  10. When and where to do bone augmentation and is it necessary


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Dr. Andrea Agnini

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100% Attendees recommended this course